1. Creation of an effective business model for the sale of quartz surfaces, large-format porcelain for the available amounts of financing and the market of a certain country.


  • Analysis of the country's market, selection of manufacturers.
  • Creating a collection in accordance with global trends and market needs.
  • Development of the company structure.
  • Creating a sales plan.
  • Calculation of the purchase plan for the sales plan according to the author's system.
  • Development of a marketing strategy (brand, marketing tools, etc.);
  • Creation of a system for calculating employees' wage and regulatory documents.
  • Formation of the company's budget.
  • Creation of a company's financial plan for 3-5 years.
  • Calculation of the payback of the business model for a period of 3-4 years.


2. Model implementation and business management.


  • Creating a company structure.
  • Recruitment, hiring, training of employees.
  • Implementation of the marketing strategy.
  • Creation and content of the site.
  • Implementation of the PSP promotion system.
  • Supply of materials.
  • Implementation of the sales and procurement plan.
  • Implementation of the approved financial plan of the company and reaching the estimated payback.
  • Company management.


The result you get:


  • A unique flexible and scalable business model.
  • Predictable, regulated business for the economic and political situation.
  • A modern and promising collection of materials. Your own brand.
  • Diversify your business in a stable and marginal niche.
  • The experience of the best specialists and experts in organization, management, recruitment, selection, logistics, foreign trade, promotion and sales.
  • Expert recommendations to target clients in the Russian market;
  • The possibility of opening a business in other countries.
  • A modern and promising collection of materials.
  • The possibility of selling the business after reaching the payback point.
  • Reliably invested investments with a payback period of 2-4 years and a return on investment of 40% per annum after the return on investment.