The main use of quartz surfaces in Russia and in the world is kitchen countertops, window sills and steps indoors. In the world, it is also actively used as a cladding material for the floor and walls indoors.


General information:

The production technology was developed in Italy by Breton in the mid-70s. The main idea was to get rid of marble waste, crumbs obtained in the production of marble slabs. The slabs were small and easily dirty, so the marble chips were replaced with quartz.


The first factories for the production of large-format plates were opened in the late 80s in Israel and Spain. Since then, technology and decors have been improving in beauty and quality. Sales volumes in the world are growing annually. New factories are being opened. High-quality equipment for the production of plates is already produced by some factories in China.

Around 2020, the leading Asian factories overtaken the trendsetters of the past from Spain, Israel, the USA, perhaps forever.

At the moment, the leader in production (quantity and perfection of decors) is China, where there are more than 100 factories. The main market is the USA.



The quality of quartz surfaces is very different. The price of materials similar in pattern may differ twice. Inexpensive manufacturers reduce the amount of quartz and polyester resin, replacing it with other cheaper components to reduce the price of the product.


In order to choose and purchase really high-quality material in China, it is necessary to go around more than a dozen factories to identify the best, as well as constantly be present and monitor the process at every stage of the transaction.


It is easier and more reliable to turn to professionals who will take all the risks on themselves. Those who know factories of all price categories, personally know the owners of the best of them and who have made multiple purchases.



Quartz surface is the most popular material in the world in its segment for the following reasons:

  • For the user - perfect, beautiful, for every taste,strong, practical and durable.
  • For the designer and architect - easy to select for the project and

submit the customer.

  • For a stone processor (fabricator) and developer - the easiest to process stone surfaces. Predictable in color for large projects.
  • For the distributor - with the right approach, it has a clear and predictable sales pattern.


Composition and production:

Quartz surface is a compound of the natural mineral quartz up to 93%, polyester resin and dyes about 7%. The material is produced in slabs by kneading the main components, forming, vibropressing, baking (polymerization) and polishing.

The main size is 1400x3000 and 1600x3200mm, there is a tendency to increase the size.

Thickness 12, 15, 20, 30 mm. The most popular and appropriate size is 20 mm. The surface of the material can be polished, matte and anticato.


Quartz surface is the most perfect material for the manufacture of countertops at the moment.